Norah Richard's House - Andretta artists colony was started some 75 years ago by an Irish woman named Norah Richards, who acquired the land from the District Commissioner of Kangra in 1935. Norah Richards, a dramatist and environmentalist lived in Andretta from the mid 30's,  through the time of partition until her death in 1971. She was a formidable and resourceful Irish woman, passionate about Shakespeare, who built an adobe house here in the English style. She taught Punjabi students how to perform plays in a small outdoor theatre outside her home. Her adobe house has recently been renovated by the Punjabi University Patiala, with the skills of local artisans. The little theatre is still in use by the Punjabi university students. They perform plays every year on Norah's birthday, October 29th. Anyone can come and watch the well acted dramas, sitting under the stars among the local village folk.   --     Google "Andretta Artists Village" for more on the fascinating story of Norah Richards & Andretta's direct links to some of the founding legends of Bollywood.  Norah Richards was brought to Andretta at the insistence of Jaya Dayal of Lahore University, the man who built the Mirage in 1948. According to the late cine actor Shammi Kapoor, "he was in love with her & she with Shakespeare".

Andretta Pottery and Craft Society - This is a working art pottery making attractive earthenware with rangoli style slip designs. The pottery offers 3 month classes for students. Also attached to the pottery is a Terracotta Museum. While the main collection in this museum is the work of local village potters from the neighbouring parts, the museum also has a house collection of pottery from around the globe including several works from Mexico, England and Holland.    --     For more about Andretta Pottery go to

Sobha Singh Art Gallery - The Art Gallery is a display of work by the famous painter of Sikh gurus, Sobha Singh, created over his three decades in Andretta. He was another of Norah's artist friends that she brought together to share her dream.

B.C. Sanyal the artist - B.C. Sanyal, who died recently at the ripe old age of 101, had a beautiful mud-brickholiday cottage in Andretta where he used to come and paint.  His daughter Amba is today a director of the Norah Centre for the Arts.