Stilling The Monkey Mind With Yoga

people and cow in corpse pose.jpg

We’re living in hugely uncertain political times, with powerful economic and environmental challenges all about us.

This perpetual state of danger is keeping us from rest, and our mind feels like a drunken monkey that is bitten on its tail.

In this state we latch on to the troubles, and a tsunami of worries swamp our thoughts about what lies ahead.

Assuaging such a monkey mind is no small task, and, like all great endeavours, requires patience and practice. 

In a recent Satsang, I learned that “Exertion to acquire Sthiti - a tranquil state of mind, devoid of fluctuations is called practice.” (Patanjali 1:13,) and that yoga is the stilling of the waves of the mind - ‘yoga chitta vritti nirodha’ (YS 1.2.)  

One thing I relish about staying at The Mirage is the privilege of being able to step out and look at the sky and the mountains, to breath in deeply and to open myself to the vastness of space.

But equally, I relish being in the glasshouse yoga studio, on my mat, in Savasana at « the still point of the turning world. » (TS Eliot,) where « all manner of things shall be well. »

For me Savanna is learning to rest, surrender, release our tension, and simply connect with the bountiful earth as she is, and whilst it is not a magic bullet that will solve all the world’s problems, it does play a vital role in quelling the fears that the relentless media programs into us. 

I leave you with a favoutite proverb: ’A little yoga practice in the morning.... and the rest of the day is your friend.’

Namaste and Oms