10 tips to make the most out of your Mirage Yoga Retreat

By Navjot Randhawa

1) Do a little research on in & around:

What makes Mirage unique is its location. Though many of our guests like to just spend time at The Mirage unwinding, during a Yoga Retreat it would be a good idea to do some research about the history of the area, looking into its sacred & spiritual value. There are quite a few monasteries & nunneries, caves & temples nearby.

2) Allow yourself to be spoilt !

We have trained our staff to put the needs of our guests above everything else. They are happy to be at your service. So ask for whatever your heart, body, spirit desires & they will try to make it available.

3) Bring out your rustic side !

We are situated in the Indian country side & there are plenty of opportunities to feel the authentic Indian country-side experience. So get yourself ready to put your hands in the mud, milk a few cows or roll in the grass..

4) Spend some quiet time in the library

We are proud to have a great collection of books, including some really good books on Yoga. We have a reading room in the White House & encourage you to take some quiet time relaxing with a book.

5) Fit in the Spa & Swimming Pool

We have a cosy spa down the stairs from the Yoga shala & a swimming pool right in front of it. We recommend you give yourself a lot of love by keeping time daily for a little of each.

6) Sit & stare at the mighty Dhauladhars

We have one of the best views of the Dhauladhar range in Himachal Pradesh. Please do sit for as long as you like in the patio sipping a cup of tea looking at the snow-covered peaks (depending on the season, they could also be bare but mighty nevertheless). They will give you answers.

7) Bird-watch !

We are home to 550 species of birds. Take time for a walk in the jungle out back & listen to their songs.

8) Visit the Sobha Singh Art Gallery

Down the road from us, this is my personal favourite. There is something about the energy of this very unique art gallery.

9) Make a pot !

Andretta Pottery & shop is open everyday except Sundays. It is really a lot of fun & a truly meditative experience to spend some time at the wheel under the able guidance of the instructors there. The Terracotta Museum is also a very peaceful place to spend some time at.

10) Go your own way (& come back to us !)

Sometimes it’s nice to break away from the group & go for your own little explorations in the village. And if you keep a diary, I am sure you will have a lot of interesting things to read at the end of your retreat..

Here are a few recent photographs to help you visualize..

Amongst other things, a couple of pix of a guy tapping a pine tree for its sap that is used for manufacturing turpentine…A guest on the swing…A father & 2 kids preparing a Mother’s Day card for mum who is still asleep..Also, Jacarandas are in season !