Q & As about bringing a yoga group to The Mirage: Part 1

by Navjot Randhawa

I’ve been in the UK talking to a lot of yoga teachers figuring out if they’d be interested in bringing a yoga retreat to The Mirage. 
And while I sense a lot of interest, I also sense quite a lot of apprehension. Most yoga teachers seem to feel that even though they’ve taken their students to a lot of retreats across Europe, taking them for a retreat to India requires special preparation.
Well, it does. But in a good way. Hearts need to be opened. Who knows what is waiting to enter your heart in that far away land ?
As for the practical things, we’ll take care of everything.
I’ll address the 3 main things that came up :
1. Climate : Best time to bring your students here is March to May, September-October. Even if you face hot days, the mud cottages will keep you cool. And if you face cold days, we have wood burning stoves that keep the mud cottages warm. And if you decide to come off-peak season, like in the monsoons, it still is very beautiful around here if you are happy just being in the space, doing yoga in the yoga shala & taking walks when the rain stops. The greenery during the monsoons is indescribable.
2. Travel : You can fly from anywhere in the world to us in the Himalayas, if you take Air India. The nearest airport to us is the Dharamshala airport. Air India will check in your luggage till Dharamshala. Otherwise you can fly whichever airline suits you till Delhi & then take either Spice Jet flight or Air India. We can also send private buses/taxis to pick you up from Delhi international airport (at an extra cost). We have a trustworthy transport partner since 10 years.
3. Food: Our cooks are trained to make both Western & Indian food (both vegetarian & non-vegetarian). They make excellent local Himachali dishes. We also have many vegan options. We also have just acquired a little farm to grow our own veggies. So we are ready to welcome you with authentic organic food !

Hope this post answers some of your questions. If not, please feel free to drop us as many questions as you like on our e-mail address: mirageandretta@gmail.com

P.S. The heart knows all the answers..