We have a swimming pool now !

By Navjot Randhawa

Water is one of the five elements we are made of . And water is very scarce nowadays. They say the next world war, if it happens, will be for water. Don’t know about that but we surely must take a lot of care of keeping ourselves hydrated, especially in this searing summer.

According to Ayurveda (both Tibetan & Indian), if your dominant element is water, your energy comes from the hips and your walk has a flowing/swaying motion. Then when your element is active, you are full of love, generosity, you avoid conflict, you are creative, you are empathetic. In other words, you ARE the Creator. That’s your archetype. When energies are balanced in you, you are friendly, adaptable, responsive. You are what a friend or lover is imagined to be. When you are receptive, you are sensitive, graceful, gentle and embody everything that a disciple should/does. When there is a distortion, you have emotional swings, you are overly responsive and are easily misled.

So if you are water dominant and are looking to balance your energies, being in water can definitely help. But even otherwise, if you are in need of balancing your sensitive & practical side, a dip in a water body is suggested. And of course it is a great physical exercise as well !

We at The Mirage are proud to announce the inauguration of our swimming pool this month. The spring water in our 9 metres by 4 metres pool is the same that you drink out of the taps. You also have a lovely view of the yoga shala to keep your eyes relaxed when you are just sitting by the pool chilling. We have already had our first pool party which was a super-hit ! We also had a weeklong yoga retreat here recently where the yogis and yoginis experienced the benefits of diving in the pool after intense yoga sessions…

The next retreat is in July (all details in Our Retreats section). So come join us or else just come whenever your city gets too much to bear..We will be so happy to help you re-charge yourself..