The power of chanting mantras

By Navjot Randhawa

The other day I attended a meditation session that was about chanting the same mantra for 3 hours. We left home at 4.15 am. The session began at 5 am & continued till well past 8 am. The meditation teacher told us what posture to get into. Then we were told at what rhythm and tone to chant in and boom, not one more word spoken. We started and it felt like from somewhere the energy came..the power came, to just keep chanting. 

It was like we were deeply listening to ourselves and each other. The master to whose tradition this meditation centre is dedicated tells of a story related to the chanting of this mantra. One time he was driving somewhere in United States many years ago with a friend. They took a wrong turn and landed in thick snow. The engine of the car stopped working and they were stranded in the middle of nowhere. The master decided to get out of the car and to start jumping up and down to increase the circulation of blood in the body to keep warm for as long as possible. He said to his friend, “it wouldn't keep us alive but at least it will delay our death”…The friend decided to stay in the car & chant the mantra taught by the master instead ! Within 15 minutes, a large truck with gasoline arrived…What’s more, the driver did not want any money in return ! He refused to accept any money saying “You have no idea what you have done for me today..!”

Perhaps we do often tend to forget what positive effect positive vibrations can have. And that is what perhaps it is not a very bad idea to join group chantings from time to time to experience that transformative power in our whole beings and surroundings. As this particular master says..”The purpose of it all is to prepare you for tomorrow..that tomorrow which is coming on us always…”