Himalayan peaks slung across the view.


“Himalayan peaks slung across the view.”

I was taken by my great friend Anastasia to The Mirage for the weekend, I didn't leave for a week.
Perhaps it was the extraordinary peace allowing for heavenly siestas.
The delicous food eaten with interesting travellers at the large dining table, surrounded by artefacts.
The dawn jungle walks with Denis 's fascinating local knowledge and meeting his mates from the local Gadi tribe, 
Drinking afternoon chai on the verandah with snow capped Himalayan peaks slung across the view.
The fact the only things to do were throw a pot, paddle in the river or relax on your private balcony again and listen to the soundscape of the jungle. 
Sitting up late at night, exchanging ridiculous adventure stories.
My daughter going shopping with charming Navjot to bake the cake for pudding and picking mulberries and making excellent jam.
Staying in the cool and beautiful Whitehouse, lovingly rebuilt by hand with mudbricks, all curved walls and impeccably decorated by art director ( of Jackson's Thriller) Denis. 
My huband and three children immediately felt completely at home at The Mirage. The family feel of eating all together and the friendliness of Denis and Navjot meant my husband and I could hole up on our balcony with some of Denis's art books and the children ran around the garden with the dogs, having fun, watching the monitor lizard. 
After 26 years of travelling that beautiful, chaotic sub continent I finally found a deeply peaceful home from home. 

— Jane Kemlo (UK)